What best describes Calvary? Well, the things we really care about are pursuing God passionately, building an authentic and caring community for our church family, exploring new avenues for creativity, influencing the people God has placed in the world around us, and celebrating change that has been brought about by God.

First and foremost, we are about people from many different walks of life coming together to passionately pursue our Friend and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. We’re a pretty diverse bunch, with a wide cross-section of people who form Calvary – lots of young adults (who bring an amazing amount of life to our church body) and lots of families (there seem to be kids everywhere!).

At Calvary, we strongly believe in the importance of relationships, which can be seen every time we’re together, whether it’s in the way visitors are greeted when they arrive, in our home groups, at our special events, or during our Sunday morning coffee break.

We’ve been growing in our creativity, which is sometimes expressed in our worship ministry with dancers and painters, or you’ll see it in our student and children’s ministries, or in the way we reach out to those in need outside of our church family.

We believe that God has purposefully and intentionally placed people in our lives to whom we can share the love of Christ and make known the truth of the Gospel through our daily lives.  Our church family at Calvary is continually challenged to look for opportunities to influence the world around us and to join with God in what He is already doing in the lives of people we are connected with.

Most importantly, we value God’s Word, and His life-changing Spirit who works to conform us into the image of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. That’s what we were created for, and so as often as possible, Calvary is a place where we want to celebrate the exciting changes that God is bring about in people’s lives.


  • Emphasis on the Bible as the authority for our doctrine and teaching, and Jesus as the Living Word of God and Supreme Head of the Church.
  • Functioning as a relationship-based community of believers, pursuing practical ways to bless, encourage, and build caring relationships.
  • Growing as a worshiping community in a way that allows for creativity and a growing freedom of expression.
  • A strong belief in the priesthood of all believers, promoting the theme of every member as a minister.
  • Emphasizing Home Groups as an important ingredient in the life of every adult at Calvary.
  • Participation in short-term mission outreaches, as well as sending missionary families and individuals out from our body on longer-term mission assignments.
  • A determination to prepare and invest in the next generation by embracing Young Adult, Youth, and Children’s ministries.
  • A desire to do ministry within an environment of team leadership.
  • Encouraging the mentorship and nurturing of new believer’s and potential ministry leaders.
  • Participating as a body in meaningful and fun church events and fellowships.


Vision: At Calvary we want more of Jesus.

Mission: We will pursue and respond to Jesus as we journey together.