Our Strategic Plan

Foster Inclusive Community

Goal: To bring lesser serviced groups/individuals into intentional community (new believers, newcomers, fringe members, other cultures)


  1. Identify specific members of said groups
  2. Identify “connection points” involving programming and people (targeted)

Goal: Foster relationship between age groups


  1. Utilize Home Groups as starting point for intergenerational relationships
  2. Use Sunday morning as an example of intergenerational community

Goal: To become an integral member of the Richie/Hazeldean community


  1. Encourage individual connections within the community
  2. Better physical identification of Calvary’s building as a church


Strengthening Expressions of Belief

Goal: To engage with our communities wherever we live


  1. Run events which reach outside of Calvary
  2. Create opportunities to dialogue and engage with Ritchie and Hazeldean
  3. To motivate Calvary’s congregation to testify to the transformative power of the gospel

Goal: To recognize all generations are united in the image of Christ


  1. Provide opportunities for intergenerational engagement within our services, ministries and social events
  2. Prioritize a model of discipleship

Goal: To expand our understanding of corporate worship


  1. Increase our focus on prayer
  2. Include expressions of worship beyond music
  3. Develop a greater focus on biblical principles in our teaching ministry


Affirming and Confirming Our Beliefs

Goal: To increase the biblical literacy of our congregation in order to create a culture of grace and truth in our communities and growing relationship with Jesus


  1. To develop a framework for the pursuit of and desire for Biblical truth
  2. To encourage and develop interest in the importance of biblical truth (apologetics)

Goal: To review our relationship with our governance documents and our denominational affiliations


  1. To form a representative committee to review Calvary’s bylaws, constitution including the Doctrinal Statement and Statement of Membership
  2. To engage the church body in a review of our current affiliations, specifically The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches


Unified and Empowered Staff

Goal: To foster clarity of staff roles and ministry needs within the dynamic environment of Calvary


  1. Staff to initiate regular discussions (formal and informal) and feedback with and from ministry leaders as to the changing needs of our communities
  2. Evaluation process that measures activities that are realistic (skills, achievable) and relevant to our shared purpose, mission and vision
  3. Review and amend as needed, position descriptions annually within the staff team to better reflect the ministry needs of Calvary

Goal: To effectively collaborate as a staff team in meeting our church vision and mission


  1. Regularly discuss, identify and align ministry priorities in a staff meeting environment
  2. Look for ways to foster greater collaboration within the staff team
  3. Encourage staff to pursue their gifts and passions through:
    1. Experimentation
    2. Teamwork


Clarify Role and Direction of the Leadership Team

Goal: Improve communication between leadership team and staff


  1. Initiate intentional one on one conversation with staff
  2. Express appreciation to staff as a leadership team
  3. Have planned shared events with staff
  4. Regular all staff/LT meetings
  5. Create explicit bullet points for staff after LT meeting

Goal: Clarify vision and values of ministries (do this with staff input)


  1. Have ministry leaders collaborate with staff to define vision & value for each ministry, then present this to the Leadership Team for review
  2. Bylaw review & revision
    1. Define roles on Leadership Team
    2. Update governance structure & policy
  3. Consistent mentorship of leaders
    1. Develop policy
    2. Follow up with staff responsible


Optimize Bricks and Mortar Resources

Goal: To increase capacity


  1. Short term, low impact renovations at current building – increase capacity by 50- 100
  2. Identify real-world strategy for church plant/multi-site
  3. Develop leadership necessary to support another site

Goal: Replace aging infrastructure (physical assets)


  1. Identify needs & those with expertise to address
  2. Fund initiatives

Goal: Examine the use of facility in light of community focus


  1. Identify a group of people passionate about community engagement in Ritchie/Hazeldean (research needs & propose initiatives)
  2. Continually looking for opportunities to invite/impact/engage our community using the building