Portraits of the Cross: Sacraments, Suffering, and Salvation

This three-part series will highlight the recurring themes of the cross and resurrection in Jesus’ suffering, our salvation and the sacraments we continue to practice as we walk with Jesus in community and remembrance.  Just as Jesus’ death on the cross is not the whole story in the salvation narrative, our identifying with Christ in His sufferings through baptism and communion, though important, is not the whole story.

There is also the joy of resurrection.

As we journey toward Easter, we will take a closer look at sacraments of baptism and communion, their significance and how they symbolize both the cross and the resurrection. Then we will take a hard look at Jesus’ last few days as He chose, out of obedience and love, to travel the road of suffering to the cross.  And, lastly, we will look at the triumph and supremacy of the cross and how a symbol of shame, through the resurrection of Christ, became our banner of salvation and ushered in a new covenant and the comfort, joy and power we receive through the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit.