Down in the Pit: Part 2

Posted on August 5, 2010 in Outreach Trips

Today was another gruelling work day for the crew. We were pouring concrete today, which is an “all-hands-on-deck” project. We were hoping to pour yesterday, but after a full day of rain, we were forced to work on other projects instead. The pit was full of water! We were blessed with great (but very, very HOT) weather today, which made the conditions better for the big pour.

The idea of a big concrete “pour” may be foreign to you, as it was to me before we got here. At home, it’s a little more common to use a cement truck for a pour of this scale, but here in the Bahamas we lack the resources to do so. Instead, we use a smaller concrete mixer, and mix the concrete by hand, with different crews filling buckets of sand, gravel, water and concrete powder. Other crews dump the filled buckets into the mixers, and yet other crews fill wheelbarrows and dump them into the forms, where other people are smoothly the concrete out to fit the form. This all happens very quickly with very few breaks. It’s intense work and when you add in the temperature (in the 30s), it all adds up to a pretty hardcore work day. Even though it’s hard work, I think it’s the time when our team really comes together.

We also ran another VBS (Vacation Bible School) in the afternoon/evening and played some games. Everybody’s pretty exhausted. Tomorrow we will have a little free time and clean up around the mission house before we start our long journey home on Friday morning. Thanks for all your prayers, comments and support. The team so appreciates it and we can’t wait to come home and share our stories!