Day 5: Cultural Experiences

Posted on August 2, 2010 in Outreach Trips

Hey All,

Thanks so much for all your comments. Everyone on the team has loved hearing from you and it really makes us thankful for all the support we have back home. We really appreciate you being a part of our team!

Today we started the day off at a Haitian church service. The service was in Creole which was interesting, and the members of the congregation were very welcoming to our group. Greg even had the opportunity to briefly talk about what our group is doing in the Bahamas. The church was also air conditioned, which is definitely a God-send!

We also had the opportunity to visit with Richard, the founder of Camp Bahamas, and hear a bit about his vision for the ministry. The camp gives Bahamian youth the chance to hear the Gospel and learn about a life different than gangs and drugs, both of which are very common on these islands. It’s also exciting that part of the cost of our trip goes towards sponsoring underprivileged youth to go to camp. More than 350 youth will attend Camp Bahamas this summer.

Thanks again for all your prayers! We will be back to our intense work week tomorrow. Some of our brave team members (Jaclyn, Nick, Robert, & Aaron) went crab hunting with Donovan early this morning. I guess the mosquitos were intense, but it sounds like the adventure was worth it!