Day 2: Bugs, Sweat and Fears

Posted on July 30, 2010 in Outreach Trips

Hello again!

Day 2 in the Bahamas was full of adventures…once we arrived at the camp, we trekked through the jungle to our worksite. It’s pretty amazing to see all the crazy creatures that are out here. Hermit crabs, spiders the size of my hand and geckos of all size were just a few of the many we saw. The cabins are being built right on the ocean. What a view!

Groups worked on all kinds of tasks today: painting, tiling, moving sand, clearing rocks and clearing brush from the forest (with machetes!) In the evening, we headed out to a park where some of the guys on our team (and Rachel!) took on a group of locals in an intense (but friendly) basketball match.

We appreciate your prayers!