Best When Broken

The reason that brokenness in our lives becomes so powerful and beautiful is because God uses it as the pathway to blessing.  We have a built-in propensity to trust in ourselves and our own way of doing things.  Brokenness has a way of surgically removing these earthly habits, bringing to life a new yieldedness to the Holy Spirit and His direction.

Each of the individuals highlighted in this series from the Book of Acts and the Gospels had barriers to overcome, but they didn’t allow these to become excuses for not sharing their faith.  As we align ourselves with God, He transforms us into people who have a deeper trust in Him, who live in the power of his Holy Spirit, and who follow Him with joy, even in painful circumstances.  Just as a glow stick is best when broken, God is faithful to redeem our brokenness and use us to draw others into His amazing grace.