Face to Face with Jesus

At Calvary, our Vision Statement declares that “we want more of Jesus.”  This statement begs the question, Who is this Jesus?

The best way to get to know someone is to sit across from them, face to face; to look into their eyes, to hear their tone of voice, to have a real and honest conversation.  We are privy to a number of these conversations throughout the Gospels; moments where Jesus stopped and looked someone in the face and had a real, honest conversation with them.  It is in these face to face encounters that we learn much of who Jesus is and the Kingdom He proclaims/brings.

The revolutionary thing is that Jesus still longs to meet us face to face through the Holy Spirit.  In this teaching series, the aim will be to gain a better understanding of who Jesus is and then to recognize how He is this, not just in Scripture, but as the same living God now.  He invites us into a face to face encounter with Himself!